Riding the Wave of Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Arbitrage Owl Partners with AI Blockchain Project Fetch.ai to Fortify Ecosystem with $10 Million

Singapore – 21/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Crypto Arbitrage Owl, a leading cryptocurrency intelligence ecosystem and arbitrage trading platform in Asia, plans to forge a strategic partnership with leading Artificial Intelligence blockchain platform Fetch.ai. with a commitment to bolster the Fetch.ai ecosystem with a provision of $10 million in support.

In 2023, the ChatGPT phenomenon triggered a surge of interest in Artificial Intelligence, showcasing the potential of AI to enhance human productivity and creativity. The cryptocurrency sector similarly witnesses an increasing number of high-quality projects that integrate artificial intelligence with cryptocurrency. Recognizing the potential of AI and the leadership role of Fetch.ai in this domain, Crypto Arbitrage Owl looks forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with the Fetch.ai ecosystem. Crypto Arbitrage Owl aims to provide comprehensive services to assist this emerging project, offering marketing and other important strategic consultations to ensure the Fetch.ai ecosystem is correctly positioned in the market, attracting community attention and potential business partners.

In light of this collaboration, Crypto Arbitrage Owl CEO Chris Thiel commented, “Upon discovering Fetch.ai, we immediately recognized its value. Fetch.ai has developed a range of smooth, applicable technical AI solutions that can substantially impact both corporate and individual interactions. This is the primary reason for our commitment to support this promising new project, and we will continue to harness our ecosystem fund to assist other projects in need of support. The unstoppable development of blockchain technology, if supported by us, can further accelerate its robust growth, which is precisely what Crypto Arbitrage Owl anticipates doing.”

Fetch.ai offers infrastructure for developing intelligent, autonomous services. At its core is an AI agent network, which is a decentralized autonomous network capable of executing a wide range of tasks from data analytics and prediction to complex financial modeling. Fetch.ai also features an automated intelligence wallet and integrates with OpenAI’s GPT API, a decentralized machine learning platform, and AI-agent-based trading tools.

This harmonious heterogeneity enables the Fetch.ai network to assist Crypto Arbitrage Owl’s planned upgrade of its Linear Discriminant Analysis 2 (LDA-2) algorithmic model as a layer outside the chain. The primary value of the Fetch.ai ecosystem lies in its ability to support modular P2P interactions that span a variety of services and economic settlements. By utilizing its decentralized machine learning algorithms, the Fetch.ai ecosystem can provide its users with various innovative software solutions, all supported by an integrated client library, fast query indexer, and CLI tools for contract deployment and testing.

The collaboration with the Fetch.ai ecosystem marks a significant step in Crypto Arbitrage Owl’s expansion of its service offerings. Crypto Arbitrage Owl is currently proactively building its cryptographic ecological market.

About Crypto Arbitrage Owl PTE

Crypto Arbitrage Owl is an investment research institution focusing on cryptocurrency intelligent ecosystem and arbitrage trading. Committed to providing customers with excellent trading experience and innovative digital asset investment opportunities.

About Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai provides infrastructure for building intelligent, autonomous services. Developers can use Fetch.ai’s AI agents to develop, deploy, and monetize applications and platforms.

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