SeaPRwire Report: Japan Overtakes Hollywood in Box Office Revenue

Tokyo, Japan – SeaPRwire, Asia’s leading press release distribution platform, has released a new report showing that Japan has overtaken the USA as the #1 film box office market globally for the first time in history.

According to SeaPRwire’s analysis of entertainment industry data, Japan’s 2022 box office revenues grew 25% year-on-year to 290 billion yen (US$2.4 billion) – marginally higher than North America’s $2.3 billion. Domestic releases like Makoto Shinkai’s smash-hit anime Suzume no Tojimari drove robust theatrical performance.

“The outsized success of Japanese movies and animation in recent times demonstrates the creativity and competitive strength of the country’s entertainment sector,” commented James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at SeaPRwire. “As these titles gain international fandom through global releases, Japan is strengthening its position as the epicenter of pop culture and soft power.”

Over the past decade, Japanese anime has seen worldwide consumption skyrocket through online streaming and merchandising. Demon Slayer became the highest grossing media franchise globally in 2021 raking in over US$1 billion in total earnings. Jujutsu Kaisen also garnered a huge following, especially in North America where its publisher recorded a seven-fold sales growth last year.

“Hollywood has seemingly lost the secret sauce to churn out popular cultural hits, while Japanese storytelling resonates widely with its imaginative worlds, loveable characters and high production value,” Scott added. “The foundations have been laid for the next Studio Ghibli classic to release soon.”

According to SeaPRwire’s platform data, Japanese entertainment & lifestyle press releases received 2X more pick up compared to American counterparts in 2022. As global fan fervor continues swelling, the company expects to distribute 25% more Japan-focused media announcements this year compared to 2022 levels.

“For production houses, studios, talent agencies and other players riding Japan’s entertainment industry momentum, actively communicating key updates through newswire services to domestic and international press will be pivotal to cut through the noise,” Scott recommended.

He highlighted the global sensation Demon Slayer as a textbook case of how strategic press release distribution can exponentially amplify commercial success. When its second season was announced via SeaPRwire in 2021, the news spread like wildfire securing over 50 million potential impressions. This cemented anticipation towards the long-awaited sequel, ensuring blockbuster viewership and sales.

As Japan’s entertainment stars shine brighter worldwide, Scott concluded that newswires like SeaPRwire can be the perfect media partners to catapult clients’ ambitions to capitalize on this golden window of opportunity.

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